Frequently Asked Questons


Q. How long before my site is Activated?
A. Usually, about 1 hour or less (amount of time for Blockchain to confirm All transactions).  Please be patient.
Once they do, your Bitz Balla site will reflect the ACTIVATED back office (Pro), automatically and, you are all set.

Q. Refunds?
A. Absolutely Not.  That's the beauty of it.  No chargebacks of any kind.  It's Bitcoin, not a payment processor.  What you make, you keep.
Q. Why does my site show my sponsor's info at the top?
A. Just go to the PROMOTION tab then, click on your affiliate link (this will clear the previous cookie).
Q: Is my personal information protected with your company?
A: Any personal information that you provide to any of our businesses are privacy protected. Your information will never be shared or sold to anyone!
Q. What is Bitcoin?
A. See Video.
Many tell the story of a guy who bought $27 in Bitcoin and forgot about it.  He checked his account a few years later and it was over $850,000!  (click on Video then, scroll down to see how this is possible and what the future of Bitcoin can mean for you too).
Q. How many payments do I make?
A. Our system does the hard work for you so, you make one payment and our sophisticated software distrubutes the payment evenly among those you would normally pay directly.  Saving you time and hassel.
Q. Do I have to verify anyone?
A. No, our exclusive, cutting edge, sofisticated software does it to exacting precision, all automatically.
Your focus should be on getting as many eye-balls on your Bitz Balla web page as you can (the system does all selling and telling).  You just supply the eye-balls.
Q. Do I have to use coinpayments?
A. No, coinpayments is just a gateway that we use and All payments are verified through Blockchain (you can use any Bitcoin processor).  Blockchain is the Big Dog, but any processor will do (see DASHBOARD and scroll down for sources).
Q. How much do I pay?
A. The total is 0.013 Bitcoin (that's only about $13 - $16), for the BITZ BALLA PACK option (distributed between 4 Levels).
For Poor People Option - it is 0.0004 or about 40 pennies or .40 cents  (with this option, you MUST upgrade each Level One-by-One - You could miss out on payments passing you by on Levels 2 - 4, about $180, from those who choose the Bitz Balla option). 
Plus, the REAL Action begins at the Bitz Balla Levels 5 - 8 (where you earn between $3,200 - $2 Million+).  Best to upgrade to the Bitz Balla Option from the start.
Q. I've never used Bitcoin before, can you help me understand it all?
A. There will be two, easy to follow videos explaining in 2 minutes, exactly how, and what to do, inside.
Here is some additional informaton on How-to:

1. Add your Bitcoin Wallet (
RECEIVING), address while signing up.

If you do not have a Bitcoin Account choose a method below to get and fund one:

Need a Bitcoin Account?

Blockchain is the most widely used Bitcoin Site.  If you do not have a Blockchain account then you should create one without any delays.  When you create your Blockchain account you will have your own unique Bitcoin Address.  This is where you send and receive Bitcoin.

Coinmama is a good site to fund your bitcoin.  You can purchase Bitcoin with a Credit Card.  The Bitcoin will be funded into your Bitcoin Wallet almost instantly.  They only charge a 5% service charge on the Bitcoin purchases.

SOURCES here you can find several sources to get and fund a Bitcoin Wallet with a credit card, debit card, amazon, Paypal, etc.

2. Once inside - View the two video instructions for exactly what to do.

3. Make your payment.

Wait for the Blockchain (Bitcoin clearing house network), to confirm your payment (about 20 minutes to an hour).

Then, log back in to Bitz Balla and you should be Activated (if not, Blockchain is still processing your confirmation - please be patient).

That's it.
Q. About how much is it in USD?
A. Anywhere from 40 pennies (cents) - $16 at current market value (this changes constantly and usually goes up in a few days time). 
So, get in now rather than later to save on cost (instead, watch your Bitcoin Wallet balance increase over the short and long term).  The sooner you get in, the sooner you will see your money grow.  Go for the Bitz Balla Option from the start, if you can afford it.